New Job

You know when that perfect job just kind of lands in your lap!

In all my years I’ve pretty much done it all 🤣 from fast food to store management and I’ve even started a few businesses of my own 😱However I gave all that up to homeschool my son until now!

I’ve always had a fascination with Disney Travel Agents… I’ve always wanted to know how you become one! So a few months ago I started searching on how to become one 😊 I never did find how to become an actual Disney Travel Agent… But I did one better 🤣

What’s this awesome job I got? I became a travel agent!! The best part of signing on with an agency is I can book and plan ALL kinds of things now 🤣 So not only can I book Disney I can book EVERYTHING 🤣 So WAY better! I’m still learning the ropes but I’m getting the hang of it!! Lots and LOTS of training 📝

So who wants to go on a trip?

Published by Family Less Traveled

Hmm a little about me... Well, I am a Disney junkie, travel enthusiast, and lover of ALL animals! In 2019 I became a travel agent so my travel bug is in HIGH gear!! I go to Disneyland at least once a month (pre-pandemic) and when I'm not there I'm working on getting my travel business off the ground and thinking of blog Ideas... Oh, and planning cruises... That is my latest obsession!! If you would like to plan a trip please feel free to contact me my serves are complementary!

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