About Me

Hi my name is Windy Dockum and my cruise ship adventures started all the way back when I first boarded a cruise ship in 1993. My first cruise was for my honeymoon to the Mexican Riviera a seven day fun filled adventure on the Norwegian Star. Things were a little different then, for instance the baked Alaska was on fire with an open flame. A big no-no now. We sat for dinner with a large group where my husband over the course of the cruise convinced everyone to try escargot and they all fell in love with the tasty treat. This is why I love cruising to experience new things, make new connections, and just have a fun time with friends and family. I’ve been on numerous cruises ranging from Carnival to Holland, and have been everywhere from the Mexican Riviera to the Baltic Sea. While I adore cruising, I love vacationing in any form, and have since turned my passion into my business by becoming a Travel Agent. My goal is to help others achieve their adventure with their dream vacation.

Let’s achieve something together.