Expanding Norfolk

Norfolk, Virginia

Big things are coming the cruise port in Norfolk, Virginia in 2023 and beyond. Carnival Cruise line has made an exciting announcement regarding upcoming plans for the coming years starting next year, 2023. Read on to discover the changing coming soon.

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Inflation Strikes Again!

Main Dinning Hall

Inflation has impacted everyone this year, and the cruising industry is no exception. Recently Carnival Cruise Line has made the announcement that there is price changes coming very soon to all of their Carnival line sailings. These price changes will impact specialty dining, the main dinning hall and even a popular late night snack.

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Mardi Gras to Nassau

Nassau, The Bahamas

Major changes are coming to Carnival Cruise Lines Mardi Gras ships itinerary. Cruise goers setting sail on Carnival’s Mardi Gras 7-night adventures to the Eastern Caribbean awoke on October 25th to an email from the company stated changes to a certain point of call. San Juan, Portia Rico was no longer a part of the passengers cruise adventure and had been replaced with a new port location.

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