7 Out-Of-The-Box Ways to Keep Your Hotel Room Organized While on Vacation

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It can be tough to stay organized when you’re on vacation, whether you’re in a resort, hotel room or cruise ship cabin, there’s usually not usually as much space as you have at home – and the space can feel somewhat “cluttered” if you aren’t organized.

Vacation is supposed to be a time to relax and de-stress, but it’s hard to do that when you’re constantly looking for things. You don’t want to spend your vacation time cleaning and rearranging, after all.

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5 Stress-Free Ways To Clear Airport Security Faster (And Without Losing Your Mind)

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Traveling through the airport security line can be a very stressful experience – especially for inexperienced travelers. The lines are long, and the process can seem very tedious and confusing.

After all, let’s be honest. No one wants to be that person who holds up the line because they don’t know what to do.

But I’m here to help make it a little smoother (and less embarrassing) for you!

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A year in review 2022

This year I was fortunate to experience many different cruise lines and destinations. In 2023 I will begin a series of blog post with reviews on each of those ships.

January – 7 Night cruise. I was invited to sail on Symphony of The Seas. Ports of call included Costa Maya Mexico, Roatan Bay Islands Honduras, Cozumel Mexico and Perfect Day at Coco Cay

February – 4 Night cruise on Navigator of The Seas (One of my favorite ships). On this cruise we visited Catalina Island and Ensenada Mexico

March – 3 Night cruise on Carnival Radiance Ports of call include Ensenada Mexico

May – 7 Night cruise on Discovery Princess, Ports of call included Ketchikan, Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier, Juneau, Skagway, Victoria British Columbia

June – 7 Night cruise on Holland America Eurodam, This was another invite cruise. Ports included Cruise Stephens Passage, Glacier Bay, Icy Strait Point, Sitka, Ketchikan, Victoria British Columbia

August – 5 Night cruise on Adventure of The Seas. Ports of call include 2 nights in Bermuda

September – 10 Night cruise on the Norwegian Prima. Ports of call included Amsterdam Netherlands, Kiel Germany, Warnemunde (Berlin) Germany, Helsinki Finland, Tallinn Estonia, Stockholm Sweden, Visby Sweden, Copenhagen Denmark

September – 4 Night cruise on Virgin Scarlet Lady. This was another invited cruise. Ports of call included Key West Florida, The Beach Club Bimini Bahamas

When I set out my cruise plan for the year I only had 2 of these cruises booked! That being said my cruise planner for 2023 & 2024 is beyond packed with lots of great cruise adventures! I like to book thing’s far in advance (that is how you get the best deals). Of course my job as a travel agent is to try new places and new things that way I can tell YOU all about them. I have lots of plans for the blog in the new year and I hope you’ll like them too!

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The 7 Common Travel Scams that Will Ruin Your Vacation – and How to Avoid Them

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We all want to get the most bang for our buck when planning our vacations, and we all want to find great deals while we’re traveling.

It’s wise to keep an eye out for potential savings or good deals when exploring other states, cultures, and countries, right?

The problem, of course, is that scammers know we’re distracted looking for deals…so the scammers are looking for us!

Some of the most common travel scams target tourists, and they can be found all over the world. If you’re not careful, you could find yourself the victim of a travel scam.

To help you avoid being scammed on your next vacation, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common travel scams.

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The Top 7 DIY Travel Planning Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Next Vacation

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Planning your own DIY vacation can be stressful and overwhelming for most people.

There are so many things to remember when planning a trip DIY style – from passports and visas, to insurance & documentation. It’s easy to make a mistake that can ruin your whole vacation.

We don’t want you to make the same mistakes that we’ve seen so many travelers make over the years.  From a bride who missed her honeymoon to a husband that got his wife’s birthday wrong, these mistakes will make you think twice before booking your next vacation without a travel agent.

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Princess’s Thanksgiving Menu

If cooking for Thanksgiving sounds like too much work this holiday season, but you still want the holiday feast, then a Princess vacation may be what you are looking for. Princess will be hosting special sailings around the Thanksgiving day period to various different points of call. All ships no matter where they are in their itinerary will observe the American Thanksgiving day of November 24th to have a big holiday inspired feast.

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The Alaskan Snow Crab Season Cancelled

The bug of the ocean

Snow crab have suddenly all but disappeared from Alaska’s waters which has forced Alaskan Department of Fish and Game AKA the ADF&G has been forced to cancel the crab season for 2022-2023. This will likely have wide spread consequences for not just seas food but also cruising as well. There have been a few reasons cited for the sudden disappearance of the crabs mostly the rising water temperatures in Alaska 3.5 degrees Celsius or 38 degrees Fahrenheit which also causes in increase of Bitter Crab Disease. So its likely many different reasons ultimately culminating in the sudden drop in population. There’s also the possibility of falsified information but that is hard to prove. Another possibility is that many of the crabs escaped north to cooler waters.

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New Job

You know when that perfect job just kind of lands in your lap!

In all my years I’ve pretty much done it all 🤣 from fast food to store management and I’ve even started a few businesses of my own 😱However I gave all that up to homeschool my son until now!

I’ve always had a fascination with Disney Travel Agents… I’ve always wanted to know how you become one! So a few months ago I started searching on how to become one 😊 I never did find how to become an actual Disney Travel Agent… But I did one better 🤣

What’s this awesome job I got? I became a travel agent!! The best part of signing on with an agency is I can book and plan ALL kinds of things now 🤣 So not only can I book Disney I can book EVERYTHING 🤣 So WAY better! I’m still learning the ropes but I’m getting the hang of it!! Lots and LOTS of training 📝

So who wants to go on a trip?