Princess’s Thanksgiving Menu

If cooking for Thanksgiving sounds like too much work this holiday season, but you still want the holiday feast, then a Princess vacation may be what you are looking for. Princess will be hosting special sailings around the Thanksgiving day period to various different points of call. All ships no matter where they are in their itinerary will observe the American Thanksgiving day of November 24th to have a big holiday inspired feast.

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Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Sea

A bird’s eye render of the Icon of the Sea

Royal Caribbean has unveiled the first ship in their newest line of cruise ships the “Icon” class with the “Icon of the Sea” and it is giant, the biggest in fact at a whopping estimated 1,198 feet long about 10 feet longer then the oasis class of cruise ships. 20 total decks, 2805 staterooms, 7 pools, 9 whirlpools, and a maximum of over 9000 passengers(including crew) there is a lot to unpack here so lets over the neighborhoods.

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