Disney Reinstates in Person Muster Drills

Prior to March of 2020, before all the cruise lines had to shut down due to the pandemic, the beginning of your cruise would have started off with a large gathering of passengers and crew aboard deck. This of course was the mandatory muster drill that every cruise goer was required to attend. However, when cruising came back after the pandemic large crowds of people was something that was avoided and the birth of the virtual muster drill came into being, but now that might be going away as well.

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Carnival Updates and News October 16th

Carnival is looking to make some small but notable changes to their policies.

This one is for the crew

To start Carnival is removing their mask mandate for employees. We can imagine that employees may have gotten used to masks over the last year, but as of October 14th they no longer are required to wear the ever present face filters just like the average cruise goer. Of course the crew is still allowed to wear their face masks if they wish to do so as the wording was changed to “Face masks are still recommended but no longer required indoors – except in the medical center, where they are still required.” This is but another step closer to a more normal cruising experience for everyone.

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