Ketchikan -Alaska

Creek Street

Most people have a “Bucket List” for trips they would like to take at some point in their lifetime I know I do!! And Alaska is usually on that list. The best time to travel to Alaska is between May -September. Now you can get to Alaska in many different ways BUT the best way, in my opinion, is by cruise ship! When you get to take a cruise you can visit many ports like the one I’m going to talk about today. (I will do a post about Land verses Sea)

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Hawaii – The Big Island

Akaka Falls
Akaka Falls

The next island we are going to explore is The Big Island 🌴 This is the Island I grew up on until about upper elementary and then my family moved to Oahu 😊

Now there are 2 major sides too this island Hilo and Kona and both have an airport so make sure to check both when looking for flights 😊 One side of the island is more “touristy” than the other I would say.. and that would be Kona that is where you will find all your “nicer” hotels 🀣

Hurricane season is from June 1 through November 30… So it may be a little rainier than usual.

Now the color of our sand is a little different than most are used to 🀣 We have black, crystal green, white, coral and fresh lava rock.

Sooo on to the good stuff 🀣

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