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About us

Welcome to WD Adventures! I’m Windy Dockum, independent agent for Love of the Magic Vacations and my love for cruise ship adventures began in 1993 when I embarked on my first cruise to the Mexican Riviera. Since then, I’ve been captivated by the thrill of exploring new destinations, making connections, and creating lifelong memories.

From savoring baked Alaska with flaming presentation to introducing others to escargot, cruising has always been a source of joy and discovery for me. With experience on various cruise lines and voyages across the globe, I’ve transformed my passion into a business as a Travel Agent.

My mission is to assist you in achieving your dream vacation, creating unforgettable adventures that fulfill your travel aspirations. Join us at WD Adventures and let’s embark on your next extraordinary journey together.

Our mission

Our mission at WD Adventures is to inspire wanderlust and provide exceptional cruise experiences that leave a lasting impact.

We strive to curate voyages that exceed expectations, combining luxury, adventure, and relaxation in perfect harmony. With a focus on personalized service, attention to detail, and a deep love for travel, we aim to create unforgettable memories for our valued customers.

Your satisfaction and fulfillment are at the heart of our mission as we guide you towards extraordinary adventures on the high seas.

Experience our services through our clients words.

Windy exceeded my expectations! The cruise was incredible, the service impeccable, and the memories we created will last a lifetime. Highly recommend!

Ben Tenison Traveller

Booking with Windy was the best decision! The attention to detail, stunning destinations, and friendly staff made our cruise experience absolutely unforgettable.

Kevin Holland Traveller

Our family had an incredible time on our cruise booked through Windy. The activities for kids, delicious dining options made it a perfect vacation for everyone.

Alison Hobb Traveller