WD Adventures

Wd Adventures

Embarkation Day

Today we set sail on a 16 night journey on the Caribbean Princess heading to Greenland. I have been waiting for this cruise for over a year and was super excited that it was finally here… We just had to get past 1 step.. The blue lane (laugh)

Like most, when you’re planning your big trip you get things ready, you order your medallions, book excursions, make dinner reservations so on and so forth. So when our bank cards were hacked a few months back I didn’t think anything of it.. until I got that dreaded email saying “ Your Medallion order was cancelled, please pick up at the port” Oh No! We went from green to blue!!

So naturally I thought the line was going to be long.. however it wasn’t.. we zipped right through security picked up our Medallions and we were on the ship in maybe 10 minutes flat. Now granted we got to the pier by around noon and this might have a big part to play in our breeze on to the ship.. So just because you are blue lane don’t panic you might not be standing in a long line!!

Sail away from Brooklyn was gorgeous, Lady Liberty was beautiful as always but that is for another post!

Until Next Time!

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