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Gangway Collapses

Panama City, Panama

It’s a bright Tuesday afternoon on your Panama Cruise, when suddenly, as you disembark the ship to explore, disaster strikes! The gangway you were walking along has collapsed underneath you… unfortunately this is how some passengers spent their Tuesday afternoon while exited the cruise ship on November 8th.

NCL Encore

While passengers were exiting Norwegian Cruise Line’s Encore on Tuesday November 8th, the gangway collapsed. This unfortunate accident resulted in several Cruise guests becoming injured and needing to be treated at a medical facility. Norwegian cruise line reported that the injured guests were sent to a nearby medical facility within Panama City, where the ship was currently docked at. Norwegian Cruise line also reported sent members of their CARE team to assist in the care of the injured guests. The incident occurred at around one o’clock and emergency signals were heard aboard the ship at the time. Medical response teams arrived at the scene promptly and social media posts reported that up to 9 ambulances were present, along with police and military personal. No statement have been released regarding the severity of the injured at this time.

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