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Carnival Cruise line strikes again with price increases. This time, however, there was no warning as it was implemented at time of announcement. Will this new price increase affect your next cruise? Read on to find out what has now been impacted by inflation prices.

Water never tasted so expensive

As the cruise industry has made adjustments to pricing to make up for lost revenue and debt incursion as a result of the 2020 pandemic, one cruise line has seen more price hikes in comparison to others. Carnival cruise line has continued to increase prices onboard their ships to combat inflation and the debt that the cruise line has accumulated as a result of the pandemic shut downs. As previously talked about on this blog, Carnival raised the cost and added new fees aboard their ships, ranging from the dining hall to room service. This time the price increase is going to be impacting water. That’s right, water bottles will be increasing in price. And it’s no small price increase at that. With an 101% mark up, water bottles for your stateroom went from costing $4.95 to $9.95. This price is for a twelve pack of bottled water that passengers can order prior to boarding to be delivered to their stateroom. This price increase has also come suddenly, as the new price was implemented immediately with no prior warning. The lack of heads up is sure to annoy most guests that sail often, as they will be the passengers that notice the price jump first.

Save that money

Despite this recent, large, price increase there is still a way to combat this pricing. While aboard any cruise ship it’s very important to stay hydrated. This was why having water bottles sent to your room in advance was such a helpful service in insuring that one was drinking enough water. However, if you would like to avoid the $9.95 price of water bottle packs, you could take full advantage of the on board water stations. Aboard Carnival cruise ships, as well as other cruise lines, are designated spots to fill reusable water bottles. Passengers can bring aboard their own reusable water bottle to fill at these water stations, and save a few dollars in the process. And why not have some fun with it by decorating your water bottle to make it uniquely yours?

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