WD Adventures

Wd Adventures

New Job

You know when that perfect job just kind of lands in your lap!

In all my years I’ve pretty much done it all 🤣 from fast food to store management and I’ve even started a few businesses of my own 😱However I gave all that up to homeschool my son until now!

I’ve always had a fascination with Disney Travel Agents… I’ve always wanted to know how you become one! So a few months ago I started searching on how to become one 😊 I never did find how to become an actual Disney Travel Agent… But I did one better 🤣

What’s this awesome job I got? I became a travel agent!! The best part of signing on with an agency is I can book and plan ALL kinds of things now 🤣 So not only can I book Disney I can book EVERYTHING 🤣 So WAY better! I’m still learning the ropes but I’m getting the hang of it!! Lots and LOTS of training 📝

So who wants to go on a trip?

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