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Ketchikan -Alaska

Creek Street

Most people have a “Bucket List” for trips they would like to take at some point in their lifetime I know I do!! And Alaska is usually on that list. The best time to travel to Alaska is between May -September. Now you can get to Alaska in many different ways BUT the best way, in my opinion, is by cruise ship! When you get to take a cruise you can visit many ports like the one I’m going to talk about today. (I will do a post about Land verses Sea)

~Must Do’s~

ATV Tour

Saxman Native Village

Fishing Tours

Creek Street

Misty Fjords

Bering Sea Crab Feast

Orca Cove Sea Kayaking

Salmon Market (Shopping)

Herring Cove- (Bear Watching) This location is accessible by vehicle. There is also a fish hatchery here as well. Bears seem to frequent during salmon spawning season (mid-June – early September),

Neets Point (Bear Watching)- There are 2 ways to do this you can take a boat which is called Neets Bay Bear Cruise and is roughly 35 mins from town and you may or may not see wildlife (this option does not take you to the hatchery) The next is by flightseeing.. called Neets Bay Flightseeing Tour with this tour you will be allowed to walk up to the hatchery and be given a tour by the onsite tour guide. It is a short walk about 1/4 mile through the rain forest. Best time for viewing late July -early September.

~Best Eats~

Annabelle’s (Vegan options)

Alaskan Lodge Adventure & Sea fest **Highly recommend**

The Point Art Cafe (Best Coffee & Sandwiches)

Sweet Mermaids (Vegan options)

New York Cafe (Vegan options)

Alava’s Fish N Chowder

**On a side not I have not tried any of those places listed above yet So please if you have let me know how they are!**

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