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Wd Adventures

New Years on the Queen Mary

Normally we hang with family on New Years however this year was a little different 🤣 The family that we normally hang with was in the middle of a remodel on their house so maybe next year 🤣

So this year we spent New Years on the Queen Mary 😱  it was so much fun!!! We bought our tickets about 45 days ahead of time (tip: IF you buy them as soon as they announce the tickets they will be about $20 cheaper) but they also have a bundle package where you can get a room and VIP tickets… We only did the standard tickets because for a family of 4 the VIP was not an option 🤣 TOO much money 💸

When you first show up to the ship you have to check-in and make sure that everyone was 21 (it was a 21 and over party) and then we waited to board the ship

My hubby and I
My son and his wife

As you can tell we dressed in 1920 attire 😊 Costumed actor’s were dressed in period attire as well 😊

When we finally got on board we checked our coats (all fancy like 🤣) and headed to the different areas around the ship to scope out some dinner 👩🏼‍🍳

We ended up eating at our “goto” spot on the ship… They had a preset menu for the evening 😊 and the food was amazing!!

Appetizers: Oysters Rockefeller
Salmon w/Acorn Squash and Vegies
Roasted Jidori Chicken
Rib Eye Steak
Filet Mignon & Grilled Lobster

Now with our stomachs full .. off to find a party 🤣 Now there are themed parties all over the ship and even some “secret” parties that you have to find or have a VIP ticket to attend.

This party had 1920’s music playing and these people walking around!

My hubby and I ended up outside at the party on the top deck it was more lively playing music from the 1980s to current

As midnight approached everyone started coming up to the top deck for the fireworks 😊

The fireworks lasted over 20 minutes 😱 I filmed about 10 minutes of it on IG and posted some on Facebook as well 🤣 it was an amazing show!!

Overall we had an amazing time!! There was sooo much to do and not enough time to do it! My son and his wife went around the ship and looked for the different parties I think they said they couldn’t find 1 or 2 🤣

IF we do it again I would prefer to stay on the ship instead of staying down the street (not that our hotel was bad just getting an Uber after was a pain)


Order your tickets early!! This will save you some money (they announce the party right after Halloween)

Stay on board it’s easier!! Trying to catch a cab or Uber was such a pain!! It took us about 2 hours to get one 😢

VIP Bundle Package includes your room and tickets and may come with food (check bundles for details)

** I am a TA so IF you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask**

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