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Rogue Wave Strikes

A large wave unexpectedly collided with a cruise ship, resulting in passengers injuries and even tragically the death of one.

Viking Cruise Line

On November 29th, just before 11pm, the passengers and crew aboard the Viking Polaris, traveling towards Argentina, were caught off guard when the ship was hit by a rogue wave. Rogue waves are extremely unpredictable, and this is what makes them so dangerous. This wave was no different. The strike to the ship only resulted in what was stated as “limited damage” by the cruise line. Despite this statement about the damage, the Polaris next trip was canceled, a 13 day cruise to the Antarctic Peninsula. However, five passengers aboard at the time were not so lucky. Four people were reported injured, and were treated for the injuries in the medical facility on board the ship. One person tragically died as a result of the wave colliding with the ship. There has been no official statement as of yet on how the passenger died exactly. This is the 3rd death to have happened in the Antarctic in the last two months, when a unfortunate accident occurred involving two passengers that were traveling with the Quark Expedition Cruise line last month.

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