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Carnival Partners With Kennedy Space Center For Some Family Friendly Space Fun

For all the Space loving familes

Carnival has partnered with the Kennedy Space Center for an educational children’s space program inspired by and looked over by NASA themselves. Astronomers will be completing missions to then earn a specialized patch based on the program.

Some of these Missions include Optimal Orbit where kids ages 2-8 learn about gravity and how it affects planets, satellites and other space bound objects using a trampoline, Design Your Own Mission Patch for kids ages 6-11 for the more art inclined children where they can design and take home their own mission patch as the name of the activity would suggest, Space Cruisers Rocket Workshop for kids ages 6-11 where the little engineers build paper rockets for blast off, Mars Base Connect where the whole family learns to build a Mars base of their own, and ASTRO! a space-themed BINGO game where participants can win prizes.

The program can be found in the Camp Ocean on the upcoming Carnival Celebration in November, as well as the Mardi Gras by the end of the year.

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