WD Adventures

Wd Adventures

4th of July at Disneyland

So this year my family decided to spend the holiday at the happiest place on earth 😊 With most holidays you need to get to the park early or you take the risk of not being able to get in SO we were there shortly after rope drop 😉

Now being that we are annual pass holders we don’t generally do rope drop but we made an exception 😉 and we were staying for the fireworks so we will most likely be here till closing (kill me now! and I live 90 mins away)

The day started out like any other day except we had our friend with us so we headed to the NEW Pixar Pier to ride the new Incredicoaster (which was AMAZING) I am told you should ride it once during the day and again at night for a completely different experience (however we didn’t get a chance with all the holiday festivities going on) I will say if you are going to do all day trip MaxPass is the way to go (I’ll write a review on that later) we got on a few more rides in DCA and then headed over to Disneyland to finish out the night.

Now if you have never watched the flag ceremony I would recommend doing it at least once. Today, however, we were in for a special treat the 1st Marine Division from Camp Pendleton were here! They did a march down Main Street

Then a little later they had a special concert (omg it was amazing) it made the whole day worth it!

Then after that was done it was time to stand in line for fireworks! Now in all my years, I’ve never seen so many people! And I’ve never heard them saw ” All viewing areas are full”

Lol, see what I mean people people everywhere! Now the fireworks were amazing! But I don’t think I will be doing the park again 😔 it was just too crowded and WAY too hot!

All in all, it was a good night! We finished the night off over at the Galactic Grill to watch the Pixar Pal dance party which was awesome! I tell you what those characters can dance!!!

Then we headed over to the Plaza Inn for some late night dinner (of course someone had to have the fried chicken) and then we headed home! We all slept till 3 in the afternoon talk about Disney wasted 🤣

Till my next adventure!

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